How much do lessons cost?

We have worked hard to make paying for your training as easy as possible! Fall and Spring Memberships are priced the same at $540/semester. Each semester program (Fall: August-December, Spring: January-May) includes 16 private lessons and at least one performance opportunity. The Summer Semester runs for 8 weeks (June-July) and is prorated to the amount of $270. We also schedule a number of special workshops featuring music industry professionals that are open to all Groove House members. Payments can be made in full at the beginning of a semester, or students can sign up for monthly auto debits.

How do the monthly auto payments work? 

If you do not want to pay for the semester in full, it’s really easy to sign up for a direct debit account with us! The semester total of $540 will be divided into 5 equal payments of $108. To start your debit account, you must first bring a payment of $108 (we suggest cash or check) along with a voided check or credit card. We will apply the first payment to the first month of lessons and the rest will be auto debited out of either your checking account or credit card. Again, we suggest cash or check because running a credit/debit card requires an added fee. “I don’t like giving out my card/bank account information! Can I make monthly payments without setting up a direct debit account?” Unfortunately, no. If you do not pay in full and choose to pay for the semester in monthly installments, you MUST create a direct debit account with us as an insurance to our instructors. 

What if I start lessons in the middle of the semester? Will I still pay the same amount?

Here at Groove House, we will only charge you for the amount of lessons you are enrolled to take. If you start in the middle of the semester, your total price will be a prorated amount to fit how many lessons remain in the semester. For example, if you sign up and there are only 10 weeks left of the semester, your new semester total will be adjusted to $337.50 and the monthly installment amounts are adjusted accordingly. 

What if I want to take two instruments. Is the price double the semester amount? 

If you wish to take guitar and voice, you will need to reserve two different time slots with two different instructors. This will create two semester charges of $540.

What if we have to miss a lesson?

No problem! We can request a video lesson from your instructor before the missed lesson. Your instructor will use your lesson time to create a personalized video and we will send it to you through YouTube! That way, you wont miss a beat. 

What instruments do you teach?

We offer piano/keys, voice, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, and percussion.

What musical styles do you teach?

We teach a broad range of musical styles and focus lessons around each individual student's desires and goals. Our instructors teach rock, jazz, blues, classical, pop, country, and anything in between!

What will I learn in my private lessons?

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time musician, Groove House instructors are prepared to take you to the next level.  We teach music theory, ear training, and offer performance opportunities that will allow you to take your new skills to the stage. Each student's lessons are 100% personalized to fit their individual needs and goals.  

Will I perform a recital?

We offer many different types of performance opportunities including in-house shows, gigs at local venues and markets, and our students are requested to play local events all throughout the year. Our biggest event is our annual Spring Showcase that features solo performances by all of our students! 

Can you help me with my school auditions?

Absolutely! Our students do exceptionally well through audition processes because they are accustomed to performing and receiving critiques. Auditions can be stressful and intimidating, we love coaching and preparing our students to shine their brightest! 

Do I need to own an instrument to take lessons?

Each student should absolutely have an instrument at home to practice on.  We do not have any instruments for rent.

How old does my child need to be to take lessons?

Every child is different, and a trial lesson will give both the instructor and parent an idea of whether or not the student is ready for private lessons. An ideal age to begin lessons would be around 6-7 years, however, we have successfully taught students as young as 4!

Do you teach adults?

Yes! We have a large number of adult students.  Some of our adult students are trying an instrument for the first time, and some are long-time musicians just looking to improve their skills.  

Why Groove House?

Groove House is completely unique in that our instructors offer completely personalized private lessons that will help any student, regardless of age or skill level, reach their own goals.  Students often get to collaborate with others on music projects, and we partner with local venues to provide real-life performance opportunities and gigs that cannot be found with any other music school in the area.  

I am currently taking lessons at Groove House, but I would like to discontinue my membership. What do I do?

Discontinuing your membership is super easy! Visit the "Resources" page and click the "Drop Form" button. Fill out the form and we will process your request to stop lessons. If you are signed up for monthly auto-debit, we will stop all auto-debits at your requested date. Remember that all payments that have already been processed are non-refundable.